A team of ducks

The team

Making many souls work together as one team is not an easy task. Especially if the rich and powerful; the corporations have taken over the monopoly of human coöperation in all its forms.

Those of us who think or believe that there’s but one God, also tend to think we have but one soul. We have one mother and one father. We have one life and die only once. So the one is unique. When the one is multiplied by itself, it stays exactly the same. But our mother is not just a mother. And our life doesn’t differ very much from the life of another. So do we have just one soul in relation to ourselves or do we have just one self in relation to our souls?

Baby of the team

Babi Greenchild

The strength and potential of a young germinating plant is enormous. But still, it has to grow around some obstacles.

A team of firefighters.

Tina-Ger Burns

From under the shades of the older trees, the young sapling fights to reach the big ball of fire. If it grows to fast, it might not blossom.

Stabilizing the team

Carita Middleton

Bearing fruit requires strong roots and a balanced growth. With stability in motion we can go with the flow.

Goldy Silverfall

First the fruits start to fall. Then the tree also begins to loose it leafs. Life is contracting and the pace is slowing down.

Attending the team


Since we humans view ourselves as more than our biological instincts, the proces of finding a mate is highly cultivated.

Following the team

Lupa Wasserman

From water to water seems more accurate if we look at its capability for transmitting and conducting energy.


In order for a team to work successfully there must be clarity about the goals. A collaboration of joint self-interest will always be of a temporary nature. Because if we have to debate and promote the desired outcome of our cooperations, calculations come into play. And where there is counting, there will be charging. The best results can be achieved if the goal matches universal principals.

Team efforts

In 1996 during a semester at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, Geesje teamed up with sculptor Natasja Bennink. They later worked together on an exposition called Women Depicted.

In 2007 the team together with beloved mecenas and mentor, Frieda van der Hoop, participated in the Florence Biennale. The artist made three paintings in an attempt to depict and comment on christianity. For her efforts she received the Premio del Presidente.

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