Geesje du Marchie van Voorthuysen

Geesje du Marchie van Voorthuysen is an old fashioned artist; painting and drawing fine art.

She can combine like AI but does it with an understanding of composition, a feeling for style and with a sense of humor.

She started out as a model and muse but soon felt the urge to create herself.

There’s a reason why ‘selfies’ are so populair nowadays.

Her input comes partly from other artists. This painting ‘The fire starter’ is inspired by ‘The fire angel’ by Max Ernst, painted before WOII as a warning against fascism.

We, as human beings can make a real pigsty of things

Our earliest cultural imprint comes from our mothers; what we like to eat, how to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and dressed, which behavior is acceptable, what not. The relationship one has with its mother is a big theme in the arts and rightfully so. She teaches us about love and sacrifice, learning and understanding and what not. Unfortunately it is the perceived failure of the mother which seem to be the greatest inspiration.

A young girl, looking at her mother can see a blueprint for the future.

This is not always a tempting prospect

Fine Art

The history of the visual arts and the development of christianity seem to have a correlation. The religious icons, representations of the Heavenly, in the orthodox church are painted by a nameless person.

The catholic church, with her superficial worshipping of mother Mary allowed her artists to create more freely. The artists were named and able to achieve fame and fortune. This resulted in a very rich culture of the fine arts.

The protestant reformation rejected the imagery of the catholic and orthodox churches. With their many branches, sects and cults they look more like a political movement than a religious one.

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