Pigeons posting together a portfolio

Culture, a portfolio

Culture is traditionally a regional affair. One group distinguishes themselves from an other group by their customs and habits and by the way they use their language. We can either look at the portfolio of the others and learn. Or we can see the expressions of the other as a conformation and a confrontation of our own right.

In todays world, groups have diluted into individuals. This individuality is expressed by an output of data. The lifestyle preferences and disapprovals of each person are then used by an algorithm to form new groups. So culture has become a top-down proces with the aim to control and to pit people against each other. It is a weaponization of the phenomenon.

But does a global culture exist? Do we need extraterrestrial aliens to proof our common denominator? What are the components that determine our togetherness? Let’s make a portfolio of the objects and subjects used in creative manifestations and expressions throughout time and place.


The portfolio of women in arts, consists mostly of women being depicted by men. Probably because women have more to say about themselves. After all, they can keep working whilst talking.

A portfolio of flesh.
Woman depositing from her portfolio of eggs.
Women exhibiting their portfolio
In the forrest, a portfolio.

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History shows us that men were often painted in relation to their position in society. We can therefore find them in portraits, showing off their status and wealth or as important figures in depictions of old stories. They like to speak without saying anything.

Working on ones portfolio.
A portfolio of symbols

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A portfolio of sins and virtues

Debating right and wrong seems to be a universal trade amongst the human species throughout all its times. One wonders what life would be like if we didn’t judge. After all, by judging others we place ourselves above them.

Hubris, a portfolio
A portfolio of brands

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4 Seasons

Men and women are both subjected to the passing of time. And moreover, there’s no escaping death. One could therefore argue that a death-cult would be the ultimate democratic expression. It’s a culture which represents the absolute majority. But whereas the poor just try to survive without suffering too much, the rich and powerful secretly yearn and search for eternal life.

Girls adding to their portfolio
Women trying to shape the portfolio of society
Women working on their portfolio
Guarding ones portfolio
Boy's building a portfolio
Men in the portfolio of society.
Men working on their portfolio.
A full portfolio

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Animals seem to play a big role in cultures as well as in the visual arts. They are very suitable as symbols. We all know all about the long lives of the turtles because we were told that’s what they represent. And the might of the eagle we recognize across cultural borders.

A portfolio of feathers
A portfolio of sheep
Geese fleeing from the portfolio
A portfolio of cows
Turkeys watching the portfolio of humankind.

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