Naked expression

In the first half of the nineties, Geesje was romantically involved with the briljant and virtuoso artist Tommie van der Zee. This kind and generous man inspired and supported Geesje to apply to art school. His work and tools for expression are still off great influence on the works of Geesje Du.

The art of expression

-Duke Yuan, the lord of Song, once wanted paintings to be made and all the painters arrived in large numbers. Standing in line they were told what the commissions entailed. While half the artists were still standing outside, they started licking their brushes and making their ink. But there was one artist who arrived late. Easy like a Sunday morning and with no rush what soever, he didn’t stay in line after he received his instructions but went straight to his lodgings. When the duke send someone to see what this artist was up to, the man was found to have taken off his clothes and sitting naked on the ground. ‘Bravo’, said the duke: ‘He is a real master of the Fine Arts’.-

( Freely translated from the Dutch translation of Zhuang Zi, chapter 21, paragraph VII, by Kristofer Schipper.)

Naked expression


The classic Art Academy education is good as gone. The literal iconoclasm of the post World War II period has broken it down and the new technology has finished it off. The focus of the arts no longer lies on the expression of fundamental concepts or feelings and contemplations. Instead they have put themselves completely at the service of Mammon.

The students of art no longer have to acquire the skills of painting, drawing and depicting. They are solely judged on their ability to sell the emperor some new clothes.

Under the reign of Obama we saw an increase of former liberal art school students in the diplomatic services. Pretending to be representatives of polite society, they had to sell a policy of destruction.

Basic expression


“They slaughter like autumn and winter.”

This expression is attributed to the Chinese and it refers to the falling of the leaves in autumn and the trees who appear to be dead in winter. This saying holds some comfort to us because we know that spring will always follow. We know that natural disasters such as floods, wildfires and volcanic eruptions produce fertile ground.

The Shock-Doctrine, as is practiced by our current leaders, tries to reproduce this natural fact. They cause death and decay in the hopes of great harvests. If we take Mammon as the measuring stick, they are quit successful in their undertakings .