Myths of money

Some people think that the one who criticizes capitalism must be a Sovjet-style communist. Probably because capitalism is anti-social in essence. In practice this ideology will always hinder the free flow of money.

Since the passing of communism in the eastern part of Europe, labor is no longer part of the equations of western economics. The misery of cheap labor migrated together with the industry. Out of side is out of mind. To keep the wages of the shitty jobs in-house as low as possible they then permitted a big flow of the disenfranchised to come. Competition on the labor market is good for business.

A flow of indignation

The injustices of the system they live in or the suffering of their fellow citizens no longer seem to trigger the youth and students of today. Instead we see the revolutionary energy of the young being directed towards the perceived unfairness of nature and the heavens and earth as a whole. They are told that the only way to combat these injustices is through the existing systems.


Tantalus was a greek mythological figure. He stole ambrosia and nectar from the table of the gods and gave them to the mortals. The legend of his punishment made him famous.

He was forced to stand up to his neck in water, which flowed from him whenever he tried to drink. Over his head hung fruits, gently blown away by the wind whenever he tried to grasp them.

Is this not the essence of the economic narrative that claims that the riches of the greedy will trickle-down to the masses of the lower classes?

The ancient story and punishment of Prometheus is also taken literally by the vultures of capitalism. Prometheus was bound to a rock and an eagle was send to eat his liver. His liver would then grow back overnight, only to be eaten again the next day in an ongoing repetition.

This fairy tale of eternal growth and growing pains seems to form the base of our contemporary financial and economic system.

A flow of death
A flow of money

If we look at a cycle in two dimensions we can get the impression that it is about endless repetition. But the cycle of life can not be viewed in 2D, it flows in a spiral shape. Although winter always comes, no winter is exactly the same as the one before. Nor are the seasons identical and invariable.

A flow of waves

The Brits consider themselves rulers of the waves.

A flow of air

Their offspring across the ocean consider themselves masters of the seas and the skies.

Surfing the flow of delusion.

The EU however has found the egg of Columbus. They flow as one with the heavens, earth and oceans.