The gallery is looking back.


An autonomous artist has to find a narrative that fits the images. This gallery will provide context and enhance the coherence of the artist and her works.


In order to qualify for grants and stipends to generate income in the years around 2000, an artist had to prove that ones work was “socially relevant”. The meaning of the term was kept vague.

How do we enter a gallery?
An entry
Pumping or drowning
Young adolescent girls looking at boy's
Lunch break
Dutch courting I
Dutch courting II
Warshipping Santa Klaus
Queens’ day

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In today’s global world the differences between social groups are vanishing. We can see a fusion between all living creatures.

A guide in the gallery
Dancing in the gallery
Guarding the gallery
Magpies playing with pearls
Magpies playing soccer
Magpies guarding a pearl
Magpies playing with a red ball

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If we look at society, we can see that art and culture don’t have much relevancy (anymore). They, together with much of our social behavior, have been commercialized, industrialized and capitalized. Styles have become standardized. This leaves the work of an individual and autonomous artist floating like a drop of water in the ocean. So let’s take a look at the bigger picture.

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