The gallery is looking back.


An autonomous artist has to find a narrative that fits the images. This gallery will therefore provide context and enhance the coherence of the artist and her works.

A gallery of society

In order to qualify for grants and stipends to generate income in the years around 2000, an artist had to prove that ones work was “socially relevant”. However, the meaning of the term was kept vague and superficial.

How do we enter a gallery?
An entry
Pumping or drowning
Young adolescent girls looking at boy's
Lunch break
Dutch courting I
Dutch courting II
Warshipping Santa Klaus
Queens’ day

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In today’s global world, the differences between the social groups are vanishing. We can see nation-states weaken and the dominant culture of capitalism infiltrating all fields of human togetherness. In order to acquire knowledge about the organizations of societies we must now look at all living creatures.

A guide in the gallery
Dancing in the gallery
Guarding the gallery
Magpies playing with pearls
Magpies playing soccer
Magpies guarding a pearl
Magpies playing with a red ball

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If we look at society, we can see that art and culture don’t have much relevancy (anymore). They, together with much of our social behavior, have been commercialized, industrialized and capitalized. As a result, the gallery of available styles has become standardized and uniform. This leaves of course the work of an individual and autonomous artist floating like a drop of water in the ocean. So let’s take a look at the bigger picture.

Different leagues

A gallery of city-life
The living city

When we ascribe human feelings, thoughts and traits to our pets, we will fail to understand them. The same is true if we judge ideologies and systems of government on the basis of moral values. No spirit, nor soul or rational can be found in intellectual and administrative constructs.

Although it’s the individual who structures and operates the systems, the institutions are in no way equal to the sum of all these people. The machinations of power and the workings of human organizations; they are in a league of their own.

A gallery of the military-industrial complex.
The fire starter

Time after time and again we can witness organized mankind not only working against the interests of the majority of the individuals but also against the essence of life. This can be seen in the so-called democracies as well. The establishments simple proclaim themselves experts with regards to the (legitimate) concerns of the bigger part and fool the public with regards to the extent of their influence.

A gallery of psychological manipulation.

The real expertise of the ruling classes can be found of course in the field of deception and manipulation. They are specialists in building figures of speech in a delusory style. By pretending that their constructions equal and mirror the workings of nature as a whole, they imagine themselves to be lords and masters of all there is or could be.


A gallery of injustices.
Under construction

Deconstruction is a method of critical analysis of language. So one examines the internal workings of language. One researches the implicit assumptions made in narratives and questions the relational quality of the meaning of text.

If we look, for example, at the language of Dutch justice we can see that the relational quality of meaning is considered of great importance. We witness how a relational quality of judging, corruption according to some, has found his way into legality.

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