Animal or beast

A deconstruction

“Humans are the only species that will follow an unstable leader.” This is a quote from Cesar Millan, also known as the dog whisperer. Let’s make a deconstruction of this claim and look at the events that took place in the only prison-hospital in The Netherlands.

The facility is located in Scheveningen, The Hague, next to the UN detention centre. This prison-hospital not only houses the sick but also those inmates who are not accepted by the common criminal. Child molesters, baby killers and political murderers find a safe haven here.

An unstable manager/director was discriminatory terrorizing inmates and creating dangerous situations for the people working there. This lead to injuries and even loss of live. About a dozen people; staff, medical personnel and guards reported her behavior to the Inspection. But the Inspection down-played and covered-up. Then they targeted one of the group who spoke out, a low-class civil, servant to set an example.

Huig Plug is on the one hand recognized on two occasions by the Justice Department as a whistle blower and on the other hand he is relentlessly persecuted by the same Justice Department. His documented struggle has become a disconcerting expos√© of what is called the “Dutch legal system”.

The tower

Halfway the 1990 the police of Istanbul arrested a Dutch top-official. This man is considered to be the architect of the modern Dutch legal system. They charged him with raping a seven year old boy. The price for his freedom was the imprisonment of an innocent Turkish man with a live sentence and no real chance of parole in a Dutch jail. A short time later the same official and his friend, a judge, were suspects of organized child abuse in a short lived police investigation in the Dutch Kingdom.


A deconstruction of Dutch law

Nowadays “Dutch Justice” entails a public prosecutors office under command of the NCTV. The National Co√∂rdinator in the fight against Terrorism and Security is an organization which has no legality in the Dutch system. It’s an intelligence agency. If we deconstruct the name NCTV we will see that terrorism is placed before security. This implies that the phenomenon terrorism is of a higher order than the concept of security. It is on purpose that the name makes this NC appear to be fighting against security. The actions of its subordinates are by more and more people experienced as terror.

The public prosecutors office and the courts share the same administration and sometimes the same buildings. There’s no separation of power. There are part-time judges, who work in their professional life as lawyers or as unelected mayors. The so-called professional judges have dozens of jobs on the side. This includes working for law firms and sitting on the boards of big corporations. They are not obliged to register these side-gigs so there’s no way it can be called a conflict of interest or corruption.

When we realize that child-protection and juvenile-care are the responsibility of the Justice Department, knowing that minors who have no criminal record are incarcerated and kept in isolated confinement to keep the costs low, we can understand the importance of not-following unstable leaders.

A legal right

The last few decades have seen a sharp increase in the popularity of “Animal rights”. Animal rights have been booming so to say. The Vegetarian Butcher in the Netherlands became a millionaire and started a political party for animals. Some folks from the ruling classes (JOVD) even promoted the right of animals to have sex with humans .

Deconstruction of animal rights

Nowadays the Party for the Animals is a legitimate party with seats in parlement. (Not to be confused with the Party for Pedophiles which is also a legitimate party but doesn’t have representation.) Their leader considered the previous mentioned whistle-blower her best friend. In the dutch language we call a whistle-blower ‘een klokkenluider’; one who rings the bells.

Apparently Huig Plug was making to much noise for her liking because as soon as the shit hit the fan she started trash-talking him on a personal level and refused to take her responsibility as a member of parlement.

“I rehabilitate dogs and I train humans”, is the answer from The dog whisperer when someone asks him if he is a dog trainer. It looks like some people can use some training in the fields of love and loyalty.

Being a student of “Minerva”, Geesje is especially interested in the limits and boundaries of loyalty. What proces transforms someone from being loyal into being complicit in crimes? And why is avoiding responsibility a trademark of our leaders of today?

A deconstruction of the game