Drawing in the sand

Building castles on the beach, drawing in the sand and painting with mud. The urge to create and express seems to be part of the origins of human life.

Some of us find great pleasure in knocking down these creations. This would suggest that a lust for destruction is also a key element of the human nature.

But maybe they just don’t have the patience to watch the workings of the water and the tides. They could argue that they do the job faster and better. Can they really be blamed for outdoing the sea in speed and efficiency?


Contemplation, the action of looking thoughtfully at something for a long time, is an integral part of creating and understanding. Spirituality is defined as something that is contrary to material and physical things. It is therefore a concept that can not be seen or grasped by ordinary men.

Things that cannot be seen or understood, must be believed. They require someone to tell us that they do exist and that they are of importance. For that someone to be taken seriously they have to have a proclaimed authority.


Organized christianity is a top-down and centralized operation that positions itself opposite from what they call ‘paganism’. The efforts of the peasants and the plebs to improve their standard of living by imploring to the powers of nature were not only considered to be inefficient but also as harmful.

So the church had to proof that the absence of natural disasters and diseases was a result of their organized efforts and rituals. They had to show they were on par with the powers of nature.

A miracle is an extraordinary and welcome event that can not be accounted for or understood by natural or scientific laws. It is therefore attributed to a divine agency. So the attributor is claiming an understanding that others don’t have.


Contrary to common believe, there is a lot in life that will never be understood by mankind. That is why we decorate knowledge with the same templates as we use in religion. In our scientific conclusions we deny the existence of autonomous knowledge.

Not-knowing is a sign of spirituality and spirituality falls in the domain of the church. But what is nowadays the real realm of the Christian Church?