Animals are very suitable as symbols. We all know all about the long lives of the turtles because we were told that’s what they represent. And the might of the eagle we recognize across cultural borders.

There are religious groups who do not only prohibit the depiction of humans but also that of animals. Some of us take this to mean that these groups see themselves as animals. Thus justifying and downplaying our actions towards our fellow living creatures.

Signs of the beast

The prestige of the formidable lion is a result of his ability to make others do the work. Lying in the shade with an imposing large body while his lean and slim ladies take care of his needs and the needs of the offspring, he feels like a king. Or so it appears.

In the north-west part of Europe there are and were no lions. But still, this animal is the symbol of the Dutch Kingdom. Since the natives have no knowledge of the lion, they can never understand what this avatar of a big cat really represents. Namely a male predator who appears to have a social life.

Symbols of wealth

The rat

The rat is a rare animal who in several cultures represents somewhat different things. In the West he is a symbol for filth and disease. The mass-deaths and decay are his responsibility.

While in China the rat represents wealth. After all, if all the hungry mouths are fed, the rats will arrive to feast of the remains. They go where there is plenty. When the Chinese see rats, they know there is more than enough.

So in the overall scheme of things it appears that the rat symbolizes a complex proces. He stands for the never ending sequence of prosperity and adversity. In one culture he is credited for the prosperity and in the other, he is blamed for the adversity.

In hard science one uses symbols only in a literal sense. Any metaphorical meaning is categorically denied. Examples are experiments and they prove the facts and nothing else. But still, for academic scientists, soft or hard, the rat equals what the devil means to the christians. The rat carries a label of disease, death and destruction. He has a bad name.

Despite this bad name, the rat is very popular amongst researchers. Or is he so well-liked because of his reputation? After all not even the satanists are concerned about the sufferings of the devil.

Symbols of science

Organized sadistic abuse of animals and brown and poor people is a big part of the protocol of science. Torturing animals and those who are viewed as such, is an important ritual in academic circles. Every new chemical compound and artificial product has to be (medically) tested on its potential harm for humans. This is a precondition for making profit. The patent-industry drove their scheme to the extend that now even natural things must be tested before they can enter the market.

Strangely enough, animal right groups never speak out against this enormous amount of suffering caused by these scientific rituals. Why is that the case?

In the meat and seafood-industries, targets of the above mentioned groups, they use all parts of the animals. Reliable studies show that only 30% of the medicines on the market have a demonstrable effect. The list of cancer-causing substances keeps growing. And so are illnesses and diseases.

Empty symbols