Commercial comfort

There is nothing better than motherly care if one’s sick and feeling unwell. A cool hand on a feverish forehead, chicken soup to regain some strength; these are all expressions of somebody else being concerned with your wellbeing Being loved makes suffering more bearable. It is like a loving energy balaces the discomfort.

Like all good things in life, caring and nursing have been commercialized and systematized. The proces has been deconstructed and each action is micro-managed until the last plaster. The sick and needy are reduced to objects whose value can be added to. Due to side-effects the amount of conventional medicines a chronically ill patient takes increases exponentially over time. There are plenty of ill which makes their individual worth little. On the contrary is the amount of money circulating in the health-industry as a whole enormous.

A patient has become a harvest field for data. A lot of money is being made with diagnostics and one can’t blame the white-coats that they’re too careful in this respect. It is considered a good investment to get regular health-check-ups. Telling the customer to wait until the ailments pass or to learn how to live with it, would be bad economics. Instead the patients are asked to monitor, analyze and describe their pains and symptoms endlessly. In order to get any help they have to direct all their energy to their discomfort and other possible abnormalities. This fixation on any perceived deviation of life can open the gate, amongst others, to hypochondria and body dysmorphic disorders.

After all, who decides what a healthy body and mind looks and feels like?