Captains of the clouds

Unaware of the directions given to Geesje to explore her darkness by one teacher, an other teacher at the academy of fine arts made the following comment: “Your paintings look like you found them in the dumpster”

We like our ‘bad sides’ to be significant. Rubbish wasn’t the image Geesje was aiming for. Fortunately, Gouke Notebomer, with his great technical knowledge, could point to the cause of this dumpster-look.

Prussian blue pigments and paint doesn’t blend too well with all other colors. Even the smallest amount will pollute the clarity and density of some of them. So if Prussian blue is part of the palet, slowly but surely your paintings will become increasingly grayish and dull-colored.

Dark side of life

The great-grandmother of Geesje, the mother of her father’s father, was a Prussian lady. Supposedly she was the first woman in The Netherlands who got a pilote license. Although she didn’t really master the skill well because on her first solo flight she crashed the plane.

Being married to someone who took the principled position that a man of his standing shouldn’t have to work for his money, she looked elsewhere to finance her expensive hobbies and ran away with a bank-director. When this man left her, she ended her live, thus marking the end of the roaring twenties.

Another comment Geesje sometimes gets, is about the darkness of her paintings. The subtile suggestion being that not only the artwork lacks moral or spiritual values but the artist as well.

Western thought on dualisme is based on defining the poles and making pairs of opposites; positive-negative, man-woman, light-dark, good-bad and so on. These inherent judgements forces us to take a side in every situation and keeps us from looking further.

The philosophy of I Ching knows no absolute yin or a 100% yang, they view yin and yang as one. There is no complet darkness at night, you can see the stars and planets and by learning their patterns, you can learn to find your way. In the obscurity we can find the unknown. It houses those notions that cannot be grasped by human minds but whose manifestations can be perceived. Darkness is a place of mystery.

Blocking the sun

What can be more pleasant than to lie on a summer’s day in a field full of wild flowers, listening to the insects and the birds and looking at the sky. Seeing the clouds pass by and recognizing shapes and forms. With a friend beside you, you try to see what the other sees and visa versa and so you connect.

Lying on a coach with somebody else sitting and analyzing your associations for money isn’t quit the same. That somebody else is keeping their thoughts to themselves and only discusses them with their colleagues. The goal is to further their careers and to fill their wallets. These self appointed captains of the clouds have no interest in connecting with a fellow human being.

Those captains think that they are safeguarded from the visa versa aspect but the story of professor Jan Hendriks tells a different tale. A psychiatrist of convicted pedophiles and child abusers, this academic high-flyer felt no shame in seeking legal permission to treat his patients with manipulated foto’s of child-abuse.

When the dutch government was ordered by parlement to look into the numerous and credible accusations of organized sadistic child abuse by top government officials and the way they were handled, the Justice Department chose professor Hendriks to lead the investigation and to give his name to the commission.

And again psychiatrist Jan Hendriks felt no shame in producing a cover-up report that very openly, in broad daylight, down-plays the most horrific crimes.

We must however acknowledge that the professional gaslighters are very loyal to power and show great diligence in silencing dissenting voices. And let’s not forget that the captains of the clouds gave substance to the phrase “The war on drugs”.